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Until December 11th a 15% Discount will automatically be applied to all purchases above £39.99. In addittion I also offer a 10% ongoing discount for additional purchases(Buying 2 pieces or more at the same time). Should you be looking to place a large family order message me your wants and I will create a bespoke package for you.

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Handmade really is Handmade @ Unique 4 U

My Unique 4 U Collection is my ideas to incorporate a Loved One in a way I think is comforting.

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Jewellery to Ornaments to Pocket Hearts

A range of collections to reflect the tastes and wants of as wide range of people as possible. I have tried to make a total collection that offers something for all. Finally if I am not showing it does not mean I can not make it, drop me a message with a description or a photo.

    In July 2022 I lost my Mum. She was selfless and helped everyone and anyone. I asked her once why? She was often not well herself but still did what she did. She replied " Because I Can"

    Valerie Waterhouse 18-5-1938 to 13-7-2022