How To Order

After viewing the collections and making your selection, add to the basket once you have finished with your selections, then add the ORDER KIT (You can just send bits in yourself if you wish). After this we need to ensure that all things run smoothly as it is at this point I order the required materials to make the piece thus ensuring once confirmed everything is in stock to begin manufacture.

Message me via the Custom heading on each individual product page or email if you forget! ( Tell me the colour or colour scheme you are looking at, the more descriptive or links/pictures welcome. Please bear in mind on a lot of the stones the size is very small but I will always try to match your wants. Any information you want to give me is never to much.

Let me know when you have posted any inclusions so I can look out for them and PLEASE make sure they are clearly labelled/marked. I recommend tracked so you reduce any risk of lost items.

If it is date critical please advise me or ideally check before ordering (By Email) and then we can confirm agreed in message.

Double Check your order/s for size/colour*/style* and any other personalisation as once the order is received and confirmed it might not be possible to change any aspect once production begins.

Once I have all I need I will advise you of the expected turnaround time. 

I will make the stone and the Jewellery based upon our confirmed agreement. It is once you accept this confirmed agreement that NOTHING can be changed. Some items may have been purchased prior to this but until final confirmation the making does not start.

Once all works all completed I will dispatch to you by tracked/signed for post. You receive your piece/s and once satisfied enjoy them and the comfort they bring and please give me a review, it really helps small businesses.

* Colours Available

I will always try to meet your colour needs. We have primary colours but also many shades of and also additions such as opal or diamond powder all of which will give a different effect.

Standard (ISH) Colours are of course,



All of these can be used and have different effects with additions of sparkle. Something which MUST be mentioned, as in my trading name EVERY piece is UNIQUE. I can get colour close or if making say 2 items at the same time get the colour exact BUT the finish look will still have differences as that is the nature of the art. ALL orders are placed accepting this.

Best way to get the special colour effect you want is give some freedom but based upon pictures or links of the sort of colour/s you are looking for in the agreement.


Something often not discussed. When placing inclusions into resin varying finishes can be achieved. Though at this point it must be mentioned the finish is more limited and out of control on any stone under 7mm. You have the option to have your finish in the following styles;

CLEAR - No colour and just the Ashes or the Hair encased in Resin.

HIDDEN - Opposite of the above with the inclusions included but fully mixed thus no real visible characteristics on show.

PARTLY -  You will be able to see flecks of Ashes and /or parts of hair but it is not forceful.

VISIBLE - Colour still very much present but an almost clear section on the face of the stone with the inclusions visible and the   colour behind though still clearly visible.

Finally with finish remember the colours chosen WILL effect the finished look as will the colour of Hair clipping and the Ashes. If I think something really will not look right I will always explain to be certain.

When you have checked and considered all these points please proceed to check out and confirm your order. 

I will take as much care over every commission as I did my Mums, I want your Pieces to bring you comfort hence me trying to cover all points ahead of the piece being made.

Sorry for your Loss and Thank you for trusting me with making this very important piece.