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11 September 2017

More than words September 17

Word Inspiration - FEARLESS
Creative Challenge - GRUNGE


What does the word FEARLESS inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project or simply be inspired by it.  Since, as you are aware, words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month's word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how it inspired you!


GRUNGE is defined as a deliberately untidy and uncoordinated style. Whether it focuses on dark colours, a distressed or stained look, punk graffiti, messy designs, one thing's for certain... you have to not be scared of taking risks.  So be fearless and let's get grungy!

For layouts, canvases & art journal pages only.

No Fear

Before you can understand how this little canvas project fits the 'fearless grungy' brief you need to know a few things about me...

I have Aspergers, I am organised to a fault, I plan everything to the nth degree, I hate heights and I seldom rarely work in black.

Okay, confession over, here is how I was inspired to work fearlessly in a grungy style.

No so much a step out of my comfort zone but a leap into the dark side.


I found a lovely photo of a cat sitting comfily on the handrail of a balcony of an apartment of a skyscraper with the cities twinkling lights in the background, this was my inspiration and my terror.


I worked on a black gesso board with clear and black sparkle stencil paste for texture.

I randomly added metal filigree and dimensional embellishments.

I randomly added mica sprays with no firm idea of what the finished colour would be.

To finish I added glitter, seed and micro beads for texture, and wax for highlights.


Lessons learnt:

  • Too many spray colours - stick to just a warm and cool only. Same with the waxes.
  • 3D matte gel dried white, had I known I would have used glossy accents
  • Mix blue and purple glitter then sprinkle for a better effect.

My husband has said he has been waiting for me to produce another dark project since the Finnabair weekend.


Thank you for looking, I read all your lovely comments




Details of the finished layout:


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  • Lynne Joncas (Wednesday, October 11 17 10:38 pm BST)

    hi Debbie-I just came here from the More Than Words page and wanted to tell you that your project was my favourite of all the ones there!! It's absolutely beautiful; after reading your story I appreciated it even more. I am often inspired by Finnabair's work too, and you've definitely done her proud with this one!

  • Pam Ellis (Monday, October 02 17 01:57 am BST)

    Your story is touching!! That you struggle with this concept and yet produce such an amazing project is awesome! I have so much respect for you. I love this! It's definitely a fav! All the bet from MTW!

  • Mary Catt (Saturday, September 30 17 10:29 pm BST)

    Gorgeous take on our challenge! Thank you for joining us at More Than Words!

  • Janice Nicholls (Thursday, September 21 17 12:05 pm BST)

    A wonderful creation. A brilliant take on the fearless and grungy challenge. Thanks for playing along at More Than Words.

  • Nicole Doiron (Wednesday, September 20 17 11:14 pm BST)

    You rocked this challenge! I absolutely love all the grungy mixed media techniques you used... and that photo!! Thank you for playing along with us at More Than Words!

  • Heather McMahon (Wednesday, September 20 17 07:45 pm BST)

    Oh my - I love this! Not only have you scrapped about being fearless but you've overcome some of your own fears to create the canvas! Wonderful!

  • Elena Martynova (Saturday, September 16 17 11:55 am BST)

    Oh this is perfect! Your background is perfectly detailed too. So glad you could join us at More Than Words.

Items used:

  • Art basis heavy body gel
  • Art basis 3D matt gel
  • Art basics Black heavy body gesso
  • Clear texture paste
  • Black sparkle texture paste
  • Lindys Starlight sprays;
    • Wizards potion purple
    • Sweet Violet purple teal
    • Afternoon denim delight
    • Hydrangea blue
    • Cockle belles coral
    • Cosmopolitan Pink
  • Finishing waxes;
    • Starlight Dark orchid
    • Starlight Japanese jade
    • Starlight Pearl
    • Pentart chameleon violet
  • Random ugly buttons
  • Glass art pebbles
  • Metal star embellishments
  • Metal filigree embellishments
  • Ombre beads (from crfatbox)
  • Seed and microbeads

Entry 15 - closes 30 September 2017

Previous projects for More than Words

August 2017

Lord you are good...

Portrait of my father, an Extraordinary Gentleman

03 June 2017

Word Inspiration - FATHER
Creative Challenge - STEAMPUNK


What does the word FATHER inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project or simply be inspired by it.  Since, as you are aware, words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month's word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how it inspired you!


We chose a creative challenge that is a bit more masculine in nature than last month's, quite obviously. We absolutely love the STEAMPUNK trend and how it has completely taken over the art of scrapbooking these last years. 
Gears, cogs, sprockets as well as top hats, goggles, moustaches.. these are all perfect for a homage to fathers!  We cannot wait to see how you will incorporate this vintage yet futuristic style onto your project.

Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman

My father loves photography, has done for many decades, evolving his equipment and style with every technological advance.

He is an extraordinary gentleman.


I decided to go with the white steampunk option from the film 'league of extraordinary gentlemen' to create this dimensional steampunk camera from chipboard, gears, tubes, coils and recycled/ re-purposed parts, and had so much creative fun.


The tubes are made from clear drinking straws, with a bead inserted in each end. Some have a piece of coiled wire inside them, other have a coil on the outside.


I created the background on watercolour paper using three shades of teal shimmer spray, flicked white acrylic and drops of neater spray. I finished with glitter and opal flakes.

Detail images of the finished layout;


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  • Pam Ellis (Wednesday, June 28 17 04:48 pm BST)

    Fabulous idea building a camera! Love this! All the best from MTW! :)

  • Aga Baraniak (Monday, June 26 17 10:04 pm BST)

    Fab layout. I love all details... Thank you for playing at More Than Words :)

Items used:

  • White heavy body gesso
  • 3D matte gel
  • Clear art pebbles
  • Lindys Stamp Gang starbursts; Tainted Love Teal, Tibetan Poppy Teal, Afternoon Denim Delight
  • Special edition Craftbox Tattered angels glimmer mist; Courage to Discover, Craftboxers R Us, I know who you are
  • Craftbox teal and opal glitter flakes
  • White acrylic paint
  • Prima metal embelishments; Vintage Water Taps and light bulb
  • Wings charms
  • Metal and paper cogs
  • Recycled jewellery chain
  • Recycled pocket watchparts
  • Tiny brads
  • Repurposed clear drinking straws
  • Beads
  • Jewellery wire
  • Recycled metal coil


Entry 02 - closes 30 June 2017

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