#52CafeCards Challenge Maremi's Creative café Facebook group 2017

To produce a craft work the same size as playing card 2½ inches wide by 3½ inches tall in any media, following the theme of the week for 52 weeks.

No restrictions.

26/52 Zentangle


Zentangle is an art style i had heard of but wasn't sure how it differed from ordinary doodling, so an opportunity for some research and a tiny bit of word play as I got my pen in a tangle doing my zentangle.


There are some beautiful designs on the internet to inspire you, i hope I did the original designers justice in my brief foray into this art style.

25/52 Yellow


"Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree"


I used crackle medium through a wood grain effect stencil and coloured the card Teal as it compliments yellow.


Working in the theme of the song i have added reference to time, and used a silver heart charm with yellow paper blooms.


I then finished the card with a yellow silk ribbon bow.

24/52 x kisses


The background of this card is overworked as it was originally envisaged as a semi transparent image over 'love, hugs & x's always' in raised text.


I printed the image on safmatt and layered n acetate edged in glitter, but the effect of the background was too overpowering, so i layered a white tissue behind to reduce the transparency.


The colour combination is the same as my velvet wedding coat.

23/52 Wings


The lyrics 'take these broken wings' came to mind as a theme for this card.


i have had this beautiful green butterfly in my collection for nearly 10 years so wanted to work around him, but distressed his wings and made the lyrics into a prayer.


I added some pearlescent butterfly confetti around the card.

22/52 Vintage


Vintage appears in the dictionary to refer primarily to wine, although recently it has come to refer to anything older than 30 years.


I found this lovely vintage style frame in my collection and worked around it to make a vintage cafe style label, complete with references to wine and time.

21/52 Unity


Unity can refer to the numeral one.

Where several items come together to form a unique whole.


Also, when you join all the other colours of light together they make white light which gives us vision.


This is the basics of my theme, nature together as one.

20/52 Teal


Taken from the dictionary definition of 'teal' and the web codes to reproduce the colour.


Plenty of miniaturised tag layering using 3 shades of teal, white highlights and black ink shadows.


If you look carefully you may notice I have used the letters 'teal' around the design too.

19/52 Spring


Taken literally, with an artistic twist to produce a colour card of the pastels from Pantone spring 2017 colours.


Colour bands have been rendered in Lindys spray, paint and pearls.


The spings are made from recycled flower stem off cuts, hand twisted.

18/52 Rocks and Roses


A double word inspiration just begged to be an album cover of that infamous neolithic band 'rocks and roses'.  I just love word play.


Text and record were finished in Photoshop.


I find serenity in the three rocks of balance, and my favourite precious rock is the peridot.


Roses just had to be the white rose of Yorkshire.

17/52 Quote


Life is full of quotes, each one has special meaning at that time.


I decided to approach this card from the opposite direction, 'dont quote me'.


The production of this card concentrated on the use of media over textured card.

stencilling and crackle glaze, card letters and wooden quote marks provided texture all coated with black gesso and coloured with lindys starburst sprays and gilding wax.

16/52 Peace


Peace can seem an impossible dream whether locally inside the family, or world wide.


I created this christian cross shaped layout over a textured lace layer.


I have included the dove of peace, handmade peace lilies, a wire mesh fence suggestive of captivity, a clock for peace in our time and the christian wooden cross.


The metallic 'peace' word is handmade from card and gilding wax.

15/52 Obsession


'An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.'

My obsession in life is truth and the transparency required to reveal it.


Therefore I have created a simple card on acetate.


The relevance of the tiny gold cross and the pearl bead lies in my childhood necklace.

14/52 Number


Your birthday? its just a number
Your dress size?  its just a number.


Wait, my card is beginning to look a bit like a clothing tag so lets go down that route, remembering to substitute numbers for letters (as you do in a password).  

Even sewed on the spare button.

13/52 Me


This is me.


I am unique.


Yeh, sure in the background i am a little cracked, but i am a proud (peridot gem) square in a round hole.

The white rose of Yorkshire, sparkling and full of pearls of wisdom.


Nice to meet you

12/52 Lace


A couple of lace sections that just happen to look like a cinched waist, with appropriate loops on one edge, and to not corset lace would have been a crime.


Cream lace and silk ribbon on 'salty ocean' distress inked card, finished with white mulberry roses.

11/52 Kaleidoscope



Watercolour pencil blocks of colour on 250gsm smooth watercolour paper.


The mandala scrapiniec chipboard was coated with white embossing powder for a clean look.


A variety of coloured gems add a touch of sparkle.


Third attempt.

10/52 Journey


Worked in isometric pen and gouache paints and finished with distress inks and frantage embossing powder.


Although my artistic journey started very very young, my skills were perfected in my Technical Illustration qualification 1992.


This card looks back at that moment, and the year of classes perfecting letter forms.


Looks a bit like i am out of practice now, but enjoying it all the same.

9/52 Imagination


Worked on scrap paper layers and coloured with mist sprays and coloured pigments.


I wanted an opportunity to make my own rust effect without having to pay a lot for specialised products, so selected the appropriate colours from my acrylic paint set and addedd beach sand for texture.


The 'spark of imagination' is infact a tiny strand of electric blue craft wire.


Wire was also used to make the threading on the top and bottom of the spark plug.

8/52 Hummingbird/ Heart


Worked on corrugated card background using mixed media skills learned at the finnabair workshop.


The beautiful humming bird is a sticker from Little B

7/52 Gear


Working on the colloquial meanings of 'gear', and making use of the cog trinkets.


A background of a faux 'health and safety' poster coloured with magicals pigments.


Background cogs, both paper and trinkets have rust and patina colours.


A double layer of paper cogs have been left white.


"always use the right (white) gear - stay safe"

6/52 Folk (art)


Behind this design is some art history research which suggested British Folk art is extremely diverse, and include weather vanes, shop signs etc.


This card asks the question in the form of a shop sign.

The weathered background is coloured with pigment.

The bracket for the shop sign and lettering add dimension.

5/52 Eclipse


Working on the synonyms of 'eclipse', "a love to eclipse all others"


A background of layers of acrylic paint over black gesso.


The photograph is 2cm diameter, in an antique patina effect frame, with tiny bloom embellishments.


A stack of 4 aged letters and a white rosebud, tied with love.

4/52 Dragonfly


A background of glitter paste through stencil.


A handmade gem dragonfly with unique handmade crystaline wings.


An opportunity to experiment with powder pigments in crackle gel.

Inspired by Art Deco insect jewellery.


See gallery of techniques and close ups below

3/52 Coffee


A background of distress ink in coffee shades applied by brush.


A resist frothy white area and the use of frantage embossing media for the latte foam.

Coffee cup rings.

Coffee granules (gold micro beads)

A silver spoon charm.

The letter 'c' could also be the handle of the cup.

Corrugated card (inspired by the heat holder cover on a take away coffee)

2/52 Bubbles


A background of distress ink applied by brush over resist medium.

The dictionary definition of 'bubbles'.


Where the word bubble is mentioned, a wired circle with clear glazed centre (glossy accents) provides a highlight.


Additional 'bubbles' are provided by adhering clear dew drops on the completed design.

1/52 Art


A background of paint pigment over the dictionary definition of 'art'.

A frame made from wooden recycled coffee stirrers.


The visual conundrum: does the 1/52 refer to the challenge, a limited edition work of art, or a scale ratio?


The text says "i am...art is...me"

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