Signal box

Technical Illustration BTEC ND 1998  - Awarded a distinction.

Gouache on watercolour board, size A1 (594 x 841 mm).

The signal box was produced from old photographs and drawn on isometric paper before being transferred onto Daler watercolour board for rendition in gouache paints as part of the exam portfolio for my BTEC National Diploma inTechnical Illustration in 1998.

Each individual roof tile is painted in three colours of grey with a tiny size 0 brush.

The ground was produced by spattering five or six relevant colours of gouache and watercolour paint.  The sky area, not well reproduced here is a gradual blue tone of watercolour.  


I used a ruler to paint straight lines!!


Then when it was finished, complete with reflections of the train passing, I was told by the tutor that 35 hours later I was still ahead of my class mates and to go and do more research and paint in the levers used to change the points.  I went to a signal box to research and took photographs for reference.  


This 45 hour project gained me yet another distinction.

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