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Practice makes perfect, and plenty of food for the bin.  I throw away about 90% of the works I start to paint, but I have found the following resources extremely helpful in mastering wet in wet techniques, perspective colour harmony.


These were the books on my bookshelf which I refer to whilst learning to paint:

This is my favourite watercolour technique book.

It has a good introduction and lots of theoretical detail followed by excellent examples and instructional content.


I love the clean fresh landscapes produced.

Lots of white to master.

I found this book in a charity shop and what a wonderful find it was.


Taking colour to the next level, using colour to describe depth.

Using colour to excite the eye.


Defiantly a must whether you are painting flowers or not, if you want to give your watercolour paintings a real wow and impact.

This book looks at suggesting texture in your watercolour paintings.

It is not all about flowers so don't be fooled by the cover.


All of the skills you learn in this book can be applied to any subject you paint.

Getting the sky right is half the battle of the paining won.


The sky and the light create the mood of the paining.

This book is very helpful in understanding the impact light has on the subject and how to alter the light to influence the mood of the painting.

I loved all the books by Geoff Kersey.


Perspective is a very important topic in rendering the three dimensional world, realistically in two dimensions.


Highly recommended foundation reading with lots of examples and exercises.

Water, by its very reflective nature is difficult to master.


This book tackles water in all its states from calm ponds to rough seas and all stops in between.

Bringing all the pre-study on perspective, light, water, skies and techniques to a climax in this series of books in painting beautiful landscapes.

Finally, I returned from the impressionist aspect of watercolour, to the technical through the many books of Billy Showell.


Detail is the key to her works, and she runs live workshops where you can learn with others and perfect your technique with a master.


When addedd to the basic drawing and observational skills and watercolour techniques mastered through the other books, this is the icing on the cake.

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