Pheasants in hoar frost

Acrylic on paper on plywood, circa 1996

Missing, presumed lost

Perfecting detail in my painting 'Pheasants' was painted in acrylics onto a 12x18 sheet of primed paper stuck to a sheet of 9mm plywood for support before painting. Using a combination blending and detail to convey the image.


Although I feel that the 8 hours spent painting this image were worth it, the new owners hung it in pride of place on the wall behind a door which was always kept open, and then when they redecorated the room in 2000 the painting became lost.


The hoar frost dabbed technique became fashionable in Australian art in the early 1980's even when the image was not of a cold frosty morning, almost like outlining with white rather than black lines. 

Here the technique was employed to accentuate the frosty morning.


The true measure of ones artistic skill is when you can paint over a pebble in exactly the same colours and texture as the original so that they are indiscernible from each other. 


When I have achieved that I will have mastered the art of painting.

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