One that got away

When you are learning a new skill, you need to practice.  The same is true of painting.

You need to master the art of light clouds over dumplings that hand in-explicitly in the air.

You need to master the art of ariel perspective for believable depth.

You need to master the art of crystal clear water over rivers of mud.


And you need to learn to walk away, for even a few years until your skills catch up with your vision.


I guess you can see whats coming now..

Let me set the scene for you.

Its summer.

I am painting outside using genuine oil paints and new brushes, loving the way oils give you plently of time to work them and get excellent blending.

I am working from a book, Tony Crouch Capturing light in paintings I think.


I have mastered the ariel perspective in those beautiful creamy distant mountains, so I will take a break, have a cup of tea, make a still life photograph of the painting.


And life goes on, the painting is on hold, the skills go rusty and the oil paints set hard.

yes it was that long.


when I went to try and work the water section in the painting it turned into thick opaque mud, and the whole painting was ruined,


and binned,


and regretted,


for since it now lays languishing on a public rubbish tip somewhere incomplete, I have practised again and can now do beautiful crystal clear water.

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