Foxton Lock Inclined plane

My final technical illustration project in May 1998, for the Foxton Inclined Plane trust, illustrated visitor information boards.


Watercolour painting background.  The final image combined in the computer included circular images showing detailed working sections.  Unfortunately the final composition is no longer available.

I visited the Foxton Locks site to get a feel for the locale, and researched into inclined plane locks, I was able to find a diagram of how it worked.


This painting is overlaid in the final presentation with diagrams drawn out using Adobe Illustrator, and its layout was governed by the images and text that were to be placed over it.

This image was rendered in watercolour as this was more appropriate for the historical period it was describing.


I drew upon skills in watercolour painiting that i had learned during my Diploma in Creative art course two years before.


And of course I got a distinction for it, well what do you expect.

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