Camera 98

Camera 98 celebrated the 100 years since the introduction of flexible celluloid roll film by the Eastman Kodak Company.  The invention that revolutionised amateur photography.


The technical illustration design brief  - a poster to advertise the event.

My 'camera evolution'.

It involved a lot of research and employs visual symbolism at many levels, something that was to steer my later art.


At the top is watercolour describing a camera obscura side on. Drawn from old photographs and printed images in books.

Rotated through 45° and worked in oil colours classic of the period is a wet plate brass and mahogany camera.  Drawn from life to scale using isometric grid from a subject in a museum.

At 90° to the original plane, now face on to the viewer and worked in modern gouache paint is a 35mm SLR camera (the painters own) drawn from life.

Finally at 135° is a photograph of an early digital camera.  Progress of the photographic equipment and the media it is rendered in.


Since its discovery in the 19th century film itself has evolved from black and white to colour and shown on the negative strip at the side upon which text was placed.

The background itself went from feint and grainy to smooth black through watercolour to gouache.

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