Blue Horses

Copy inspired by the lost painting 'Tower of Blue horses' by Franz Marc, 1913.

Commissioned by a fellow Open University Art History student, being her favourite historical painting.

Working in progress

I began by gridding up the photocopy I was working from and the canvas and then working in finer detail in each grid square I marked out lighlty in pencil where each of the design elements belonged.

Keeping the reference image handy above the easel, I lightly worked in areas of colour to define the shapes.


I worked in this style for a while but soon realised it was the style of oil painting where blocks of colour are refined in layers until the finally detail is the top most layer.


This style was not true to the watery effect of the original image, so I scrapped the canvas at this stage and started all over again.

After again griding up the design in pencil from the original image;


Trying to keep the translucency of finish I worked each element in entirety, moving to the adjacent element to maintain flow, or moving to another part of the canvas for variety.

Gradulayy I made my way down the canvas.  Working like this kept the translucent properties of the acrylic and water method.


Sometimes I turned the canvas upside down if it helped me concentrate on working in areas of colour rather than trying to paint a finished image.

I found this impressionistic style of painting with acrylic paint in a translucent watercolour technique a different experience.


Errors that could easily be covered up in the oil technique, result in a thickening of the paint in this translucent technique.


Being careful to stick to the original design as requested by the customer, working from an A4 photocopy, yet ensure that I was not reproducing it.

The painting was completed in acrylic paints by Galleria and Daler and Rowney

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