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Art is a visual medium.  It is a means of translating ones personal thoughts and concepts into a form which can be seen by others.  Its meanings are symbolic, and interpretation depends as much on the skill of the artist as it does on the psychology of the viewer.  Art is subjective – whereas one person may adore Damien Hurst's 'Half a dead cow' and call it art, another may revel in the geometric and mathematical illustrations and illusions of MC Escher.


My own personal angle to art is that I want the viewer to 'look beyond the obvious'. Much of my art consists of many layers and symbols.  I like to paint in the photo realistic style, but realise that sometimes this has little commercial value, so I am adaptable. I would love to splash paint on a canvas and call it art, but I am my own worst critic.

Enjoy a selection of my painted works...

Blue horses


A3 on stretched canvas.


View Blue horses in more detail.

Camera 98


23x33 inches on Daler watercolour board, rendered in an evolving set of media.


View Camera98 in more detail.

Foxton Lock Inclined Plane


23x33 inches on Daler watercolour board, rendered in watercolour.


View Foxton Locks in more detail.

Girl Friday Yacht


11x16 inches acrylic on stretched cotton canvas.


View Girl Friday in more detail.

The Kiss


6x3 feet (70x36 inches), acrylic on plywood panel.


View The Kiss in detail



11x16 inches watercolour, gouache and technical pen on watercolour board


View MR2 in more detail

One that got away


Oil on canvas paper, on board



View the tragic story behind the one that got away

Paintbox trompel'oeil


Worked in gouache onto A3 watercolour board.


View Paintbox in more detail



Acrylic on 9mm irregular shaped plywood



View perpetuality in more detail

Pheasants in Hoar frost


Acrylic on canvas


View Pheasants in more detail.

Signal Box


Technical illustration.


Gouache on Watercolour board


View Signal box in more detail



11x16 inches

Watercolour and gouache on watercolour board


View Thoroughbred in more detail

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