Wedding scrapbook journal photo mini album sample

This 10 page wedding scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 6 inches and is bound with two hinged rings and held closed by a white sateen ribbon bow.

The main colour theme of this wedding album is white and silver with hints of blue (or anaccent colour of your choice)


Unique features of wedding album:

1. Using  flat, pocket and fold out page construction
2. A photograph on each page
3. All handmade flowers match

Wedding Cover

The white embossed cover of this album is accented with hints of blue and decorated throughout with handmade blooms.


The central heart can feature names, Mr&Mrs or initials.


Where the top ring binds the book is a white sateen bow.

Wedding charms


Both the ring bound and solid spine options of the wedding album come with charms either generic wedding style or personal to the couple.

Wedding Page 1


This page has a place for a large photograph and a decorative envelope containing two tags.


The journal spot on the page can be used to record a date or place.

Wedding Page 2


This double fold page opens to twice its width with plently of room for jornaling on the three journal spots provided.


The pocket contains a large photo matt embelished with a matching handmade bloom and diamonte stone.


Under the folds is another photo matt and 4 atc cards.

Wedding page 3


The manuscript horizontal tuck pocket has plently of space for photographs.


A decorative photomatt helps to make a feature of the photograph.

The two tags are embelished with the same decorative edge.


A large photomatt sits within the pocket page.

Wedding page 4


The large photomatt tucked into the pocket page flips up to reveal additonal photograph or journal space inside.


The page beneath is divided by a horizontal tuck pocket containing a bifold message card with space for a photograph.


A two layer photo matt is provided in the space above the tuck pocket.



Wedding page 5


In the vertical torn edge tuck pocket o fthos page are three sizes of photomatt.


The edge of the largest is decorated with three diamonte crystals.


A journal spot with pearl heart provides a place for a brief message.

Wedding page 6


This page folds out to twice its width.

On the reverse of the fold are two pockets for journal tags.


On the page is a diamond shape pocket featuring a photograph and containing two tags.

Wedding page 7


This page contains a bifold booklet for photographs or journaling.


Within the pocket page is a large photomatt for additional photographs.

Wedding page 8


The photomatt on this page is on the front cover of a fold out booklet.


The decorative heart and flower arrangement on the bottom centre of the page holds the two tags which are tucked behind the booklet.

Wedding page 9


The pocket page contains a bifold booklet with decorative frames for the photographs.


The horizontal tuck pocket contains two atc photomatts, one with a diamonte crystal in the top corner.


A small journal spot provides space for a brief message.

Wedding page 10


The two third horitontal tuck pocket on the page contains a bifold booklet which fips onto the page providing a photomatt.


There is plenty of room for journaling or additional photographs.


A sateen ribbon looped through the binding rings ties in the bottom corner adding texture and additional interest.

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