Timeless memories scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 8 page Timeless scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 4 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a magnetic closure.

The main colour theme of this Timeless album is dusky pink with black accents.


Unique features of Timeless album:

1. Using both pocket and flip construction
2. The 8 pocket pages each contain one large postcard, asorted tags throughout
3. Blue Fern Studios 'Timeless' papers used throughout

Timeless memories cover


A little texture and just a few embelishments is all this beautiful paper required to enhance the design.


The gilt frame can be used for your own photograph.

Timeless Spine


The curved plain spine of this hard bound album is enhanced with soft fibres, crystal charm and deep purple beads on a chain.

Timeless page 1


Each pocket page contains a postcard sized photo matt.


This page has a horizontal tuck pocket containing an atc and two tags.

Timeless page 2

'The sweet sunny smile of my darling'


This horizontal tuck pocket follows the curve of the text and features a small gilt frame which can be used for your own photograph.


The pocket holds an atc and two tags.

Timeless page 3

'The perfect moment'


This magnetic fold out booklet contains two tags and a pocket for your memoribilia.


All the tags in this album have metallic eyelets.

Timeless page 4

'Calling Cards'


This magnetic matchbook has an atc tucked behind it and two tags inside.


Each page is enhanced with a single handmade deep pink paper bloom.

Timeless page 5



The booklet on this page contains two tags for journaling.

Timeless page 6

The horizontal tuck pocket of this page features an atc, which along with two tags is also found in the pocket.


Black filigree lace and a narrow black page border contrast and enhance the design of the 'timeless' papers used throughout.

Timeless page 7


The horizontal pocket on this page is deep enough to allow a small gilt frame to be included in which you can place your photograph.


The pocket contains an atc and two tags.

Timeless page 8

'What a wonderful day'


This final page is a large fold out booklet doubling the page size.


Each side of the booklet inside has a vertical tuck pocket each containing an atc and two tags.

Thank you for looking.
This album was gifted to a neighbour for helping me assemble the units that store all my lovely colours in the craft palace.


If you would like to commission a mini book for a loved one or a special occasion please contact me


Debbie xx

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