Take Time...  scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 6 page Take Time scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 6 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a fob and loop closure.

The main colour theme of this Take Time album is mauve and blue.


Unique features of Take Time album:

1. Using simple pocket construction
2. Tags and atcs in all pockets
3. Throughout, I have cut motifs from a wallpaper sample 'take time to love the little things' available in 2016 at The Range

Take Time cover


The background is one of the wallpaper motifs, over which I have made a floral arrangement of hand dyed blooms to match the colours of the album.


Texture is provided by soft fibres and crackle glazed frame.

Take time page 1

'the key to your heart'


Cut direct from the wallpaper thos frame has been sliced to allow a folded booklet to be tucked behind for journaling or phototgraphs.


The pocket page contains a postcard and space for memoribilia and additonal photographs.

Take Time page 2


I have fussy cut along the edge of the floral design on this page to create a place to tuck cards and memoribilia.

The cards included are resized versions of one of the wall paper motifs.

Take time page 3

'Carte postale'


I have cut around the wings of the delicatly coloured butterfly and added another cut from elsewhere in the sample to create a place to tuck photographs or journal cards.

Take time page 4

'take time to love the little things'


The motif of this section is the inspiration for the album.

The frame is formed into an on page pocket into which are tucked two journal cards.

Each page contains a postcard sized journal card on the same style.

Take time page 5


The floral motif of this frame has been cut to allow for cards to be tucked behind.

Take time page 6



This album has been kept simple to allow the beautiful delicate colours to dominate.  Each page retains the original motif and is embelished with a single hand dye bloom and some textural fibres.

Here, the heart motif has been cut and overlaid on this page to make a place to tuck cards behind.

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