Parisian Garden scrapbook journal photo mini album

Design project for Megs Garden.

This 10 page Parisian Garden scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 6 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a fob and loop closure.

The main colour theme of this Parisian Garden album is cream, sage green and lavender.


Unique features of Parisian Garden:

1. Using pocket and fold out construction
2. Embelished with metal trinkets and handmade blooms
3. Megs Garden 'Parisian Garden' paper used throughout

Parisian Garden Cover

Lace and ribbon edging is finished with a pearl trim, all sewn securely into place.

Patina copper lock with copper gilding, and copper floral upcycled jewellery element add luxury.

An arrangement of paper blooms add contrast and texture over the lace.

In the bottom right corner, a lace floral applique completes the design.

The spine of this Parisian Gardens minialbum is finished with a large green organza ribbon bow.


Trinkets and charms include;

a fuzzy green bead in a spiral cage,

two sets of beads at the end of a chain

and a wooden tag with pearl heart embelishment.


The album is offered in a gift box with glitter lid.

Parisian Garden page 1 - Dream

This page has a horizontal pocket trimmed with a lace edge.


The pocket contains a samll tag, photo matt with tuck corners and a larger tag with delicate lacy header and dew drop beads.


The right side of the pocket has built uplayers of interest, including a key wrapped in beads.


A recycled gem adds opulance to the page.

Parisian Garden page 2 - Love

This page has a vertical pocket featuring a triple photomatt and die cut edge.


Inside the pocket is a bi-fold booklet enhanced with a keyhole moulded element.


A selection of floral elements and a touch of sparkle from the daisy trim enhances the top right hand corner of the page.


The page title is a tiny pocket holding a small tag and ticket enhanced with recycled drop pearl.

Parisian Garden page 3 - Love

This page is in the match book flip up design. 

On the front of the matchbook is a pocket containing an antique advertising tag and a bifold mixed media card.


Behind the match book, is a hidden pocket containing a floral edged tag with tassel and tear drop gem from recycled jewellery.

Parisian Garden page 4 - Inspire

This z fold delicately lacy printed page opens to twice its width providing lots of space for journaling.

The photomatts are indicated by the images of the ladies.


A statement flower has been produced layering vintage trinkets and paper petals, finished with a large lavender gem and a small 'inspire' charm.

Parisian Garden page 5 - Create

This page is divided into 3 panels. The edge panels have been enhanced using single sections from recycled lace.


The centre panel opens to reveal space for photographs or journal notes.


A textural frame, and metal trinket adorn the front of the flap.

The pocket photograph frame contains small tags.  A delicate pearl centred bloom decorates the edge of the flap.

Parisian Garden page 6 -Cherish

This page has a fold out flap on the right side and a 'postcard' envelope containing three atcs on the left.


To embelish this page I have used gems, a small feather, and some assorted stamens with a lavender ribbon rose.

Parisian Garden page 7 - Stroll

This half pocket of this page contains a bifold 'postcard' booklet, tag and decorative tag, with plently of room to add additional photographs or memorabillia.


The decorative tag is embelished with a brass fillergree vintage trinket and centred with a glass button.


The paper clay dimensional adornment has been enhanced by adding glitter to the mould before setting in the clay.

Parisian Garden page 8 - Dreams

The flip up front of this page was made for the Craft Box 'go and do' challenge (January 2017).  The brief was to use 6 items from the monthly carft box kit.


The flap is rendered in a mixed media style with blooms, gems, stamping and texture all adding to the visual and tactile opulance of the ablum.


When flipped up, the page contains a pocket with three full sized tags in shades of lavender, featuring vintage advertising.

Parisian Garden page 9 - Imagine

This page features three layered pockets.

The smaller pocket, an open journal with ribbon and gem page marker, contains three small tags.

The middle pocket, an open envelope with title and pen nib, contains a photo frame matt and an atc.

The third pocket, on which the other two layer, contains a dimensional copy, with silk blooms and vintage trinket, of the atc design in the middle pocket.

Parisian Garden page 10 - Play

This double flap pocket page is decorated with a lacy design from the paper collection and held closed with a magnetic dot.

The pocket inside contains two large journal cards and plently of space for additional photographs or memoribillia.


On the reverse of each flap is a small envelope containing two tags each.


On the righ hand flap are the embelishments and page title, layered on pink lace and green fibre ribbon.

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