Life in Colour scrapbook journal photo mini album

This unusual 14 page Life in Colour scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 4 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a button and wrap closure.

The main colour theme of this Life in Colour album is Dark Olive Green and Burgundy with accents of Teal, Pumpkin and Mustard.


The colour palette image has been used as the feature on the front of the album.

Unique features of Life in Colour:
1. Embossed decoration on spine
2. Gold gilding on each page
3. Full size tags in each pocket page
4. Recycled buttons on each page

Life in Colour cover

Featuring hand dyed floral elements and gold splattered paint, the cover of this album showcases all the elements used within.

The colour palette reference is the focal image, with a frame for your photograph.


Left over scraps are layered to add interest.

Life in colour closure

This beautiful square cushion bead was in my bead box.


Instead of my usual practice of hanging beads on the spine, i decided to do a button and wrap closure to feature this bead for this album.


The gold paint trails on it were repeated on the album cover.

Life in Colour spine


The multicoloured sparkling fibre, and burgundy ribbons add texture to this embossed spine.

A heart bead and tails add further interest.

Life in colour page 1

There is a stamp edged frame on this page for your photograph.

An atc and a tag tuck behind the filigree gold corner.


The page is embellished with a large recycled teal button, recycled lace butterfly and some coloured floral stamens.

Life in colour page 2

The horizontal pocket on this page holds a post card.

The page features a filigree pocket containing a tag.


The page is embellished with sequin flower and hand dyed florals.

Life in Colour page 3

The central section of this page flips open to reveal photo corners for your photograph.


A tag slides under the booklet and has a twist stop which holds the flip closed.


Two hand coloured blooms complete the page.

Life in Colour page 4

The central section of this page flips up to reveal photo corners for your photograph.


Either side, the tags have gilded designs and handmade tassels.

Life in Colour page 5

This page will hold a large photograph under the two filigree corners.


The tag is decorated with recycled hessian and button.

Life in Colour page 6

The envelope on this page has a sheet of watermark paper.

The tag tucked behind has a gilded floral design.


Hand dyed flower and recycled buttons embellish this page.

Life in Colour page 7

This page has a gold glittered frame for your photograph, and flips up to reveal a pocket for additional photographs or journal notes.


Two hand dyed flowers embellish this page.

Life in Colour page 8

The quote for this page was cut from an old issue of 'Daphne's diary' magasine.

The triangular pocket can be used to add photographs or memorabilia


Hand dyed blooms and recycled buttons finish this page.

Life in Colour page 9

Envelopes feature on this page both in the decorative items cut from Daphne's Diary magasine and the shape of the pocket.

The oval frame is finished in a sparkly gold paint.


An unusual recycled button/ buckle finishes the page.

Life in Colour page 10

The horizontal pocket on this page features a quote on vellum, held in place by hand dyed blooms recycled buttons and fussy cut blooms from Daphne's diary magasine.


The pocket holds a large card and gilded tag.

Life in Colour page 11

This page is designed to hold a large photograph, held in place by twist stops.


The frame holds a poem clipped from an old copy of Daphne's Diary magasine.

Life in Colour page 12

The tag on this page flips open to reveal plenty of space for journaling and clippings.


A large teal gem centres the silk flower which embellishes this page.

Life in Colour page 13

This decorative edged horizontal pocket contains 2 atcs with gold foiling and a tag.


It is decorated with a recycled button and embossed swirly chipboard from scrapiniec.


Behind the cards is an additional pocket for memorabilia.

Life in Colour page 14

The gem embellishment on this page is repeated on the spine.


Two large tags and a smaller tag are tucked neatly in the vertical deep pocket on this page.

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