Lavender Roses scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 8 page Lavender scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 4 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a silk ribbon.

The main colour theme of this Lavender album is lavender.


Unique features of Lavender album:

1. Using pocket and flip up construction
2. Do Crafts french lavender collectionused throughout
3. Handmade florals and soft fibre embelishments

Lavender Roses cover

The small purple rose above the photograph frame allows you to change the circular photograph in the feature frame.
Crystal beads dangle from the eyelash fringing that wraps around the spine and back of the album.
A silver buckle adds elemental contrast to the paper and silk blooms clustered on the cover.

Lavender Roses spine

The album has a rigid flat book spine.
Hand dyed desert ambrosia silk ribbon is tied through an eyelet on the spine.


Silver butterfly and key charms add elemental contrast and a strand of pink crystal beads add some glamour and echoes the elements on the cover of the album

Lavender Roses page 1

The first pages has a corner tuck pocket with a journal spot.
Inside the pocket is tucked a pale lavender postcard with a floral corner embellishment.
A bi-fold booklet gives room for photographs and journalling of your memories

Lavender Roses page 2

A variety of photograph and journaling options feature on this page including;

  • a set of 3 mini tags in a decorated page pocket
  • a journaling spot
  • and a gilt effect ornate photograph frame

Lavender Roses page 3

This top opening pocket page holds a large postcard for photographs and/ or journaling.
The on page pocket contains;

  • a large tag
  • a medium sized photo matt (photo corners have already been provided)
  • and a small decorative tag

Lavender Roses page 4

On this page is a flip up pocket held closed by a magnet and featuring two small decorative tags tucked into the pocket of the flap.

Lift the flap to reveal a pocket into which is tucked a photo matt, and a large journaling area on the inside reverse of the flap.

Tucked neatly behind the flap pocket are two medium sized tags.

Lavender Roses page 5

This side opening pocket page holds a large tag for photographs and/ or journaling.
A decorative bordered photo matt tucks behind the pocket created by the photo matt on the page.
A small decorative tag tucks behind the circular product label.

Lavender Roses page 6

This page features a large pocket into which is tucked a pair of decorative photo matts, one half the size of the other.


A heart shaped photo frame, outlined journal spot and silk ribbon and feather embelishment enhance the pocket and add a tactile element.

Lavender Roses page 7

This top opening pocket page holds a large postcard for photographs and/ or journaling.

On the page is a bi-fold booklet with a magnetic closure.
Photo corners have been provided onthe matts inside for you to place your photographs.


When the booklet is closed it becomes its own pocket with a long thin tag behind.

In the cover pocket are tucked two cards for journaling.

Lavender Roses page 8

This page has a lace effect vertical tuck on the edge containing a mini card for journaling.

Two more journaling cards are tucked into the pocket on the page.


There are plenty of opportunities to tuck tickets and memories into the many pockets in this album.

Thank you for looking.
This album was gifted to a wonderful sales girl in Claires Accessories where I get my jewellery from, for her excellent freindly sales service


If you would like to commission a mini book for a loved one or a special occasion please contact me


Debbie xx

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