Love sweet as honey scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 8 page honey scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 6 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a fob and loop closure.

The main colour theme of this honey album is honey yellow and dusky pinks.


Unique features of honey album:

1. Using variety of pocket styles
2. Honey and floral reference oneach page
3. The 5 pocket pages each contain a large tag

Honey bee

This honey themed album is enhanced throughout with images of honey and floral embelishments.

The colour theme is muted pinks and greens, touches of purple, all backed by a dark walnut stain paper.

To give the cover a touch of the unusual I handmade a wool bee embelishment.

Honey cover

This hard back traditional spine album is held closed with a loop and button.


On the cover are a variety of paper and silk blooms for the honey bee to feast upon to make his honey.


The honey jar on the cover has been glazed for effect.

Honey spine

You should always use a silver spoon to get the honey from the jar, hanging here with textural fibres in the same shades as the copious cover blooms which spill over onto the curved solid spine.


Pearls and crystals add a touch of luxury.

Honey page 1

There is lots to openand explore on this full sized pocket page which contains a large tagged photomatt.

The page features a large photomatt with triple bloom embelishment.

A double fold door gives space for a small pocket and tag on the inside, a flip up tag on the reverse side and a photograph frame on the front.

Honey page 2

At first glance this page appears to consist of two large floral tags.  The lower of the two having three smallshaped tags tucked behind the honey jar pocket.

Open the magnetic tag flaps to reveal a pocket with two more tags and a large photomatt behind.

Honey page 3

This page features a large envelope containing three atc cards for photographs or jpurnaling.

A mix of decoupage and dimensional blooms adorn the page.

Lift the envelope flap to reveal a large photo matt and corners marking a place for an additional photograph.

There is plenty of room in the pocket page for additional photographs or memoribilia.

Honey page 4

The decorative floral embelishment on the flap of tispage has a hdden pocket for a honey jar tag.

Lift the flap to reveal an enevlope with three atc cards and a large photomatt.

The pocket page matt can hold photographs or journaling as both sides are decorative.

Honey page 5

The floral embelishment on the page holds two journal tags.

This page opens to reveal a photograph placement with decorative corner mounts.


A large double sided matt is tucked into a belly band on the inside of the open page.

Honey page 6

An arrow spinner holds the document wallet top flap closed, keeping the tags in the pockets from falling out.


Behind this folder is an additional pocket containing a bifold booklet for photographs or journaling.

Honey page 7

This script effect bookfold page with paper lace, has eyelash fibres for texture.

A small tag nestles amongst the paper blooms and acetate bee.


Open the magnetic bookflap to reveal two envelope pockets each containing matching pairs of tags for journaling.

Honey page 8

The main page consists of a three quarter bookfold page with tags and floral embelishments on the cover, held cosed by a button and ribbon wrap.

When opened a belly band and photo corners hold a large photo matt.

This final page also contains a large double sided tagged card for photogarphs, journaling or memoribillia.

Thank you for looking.
This album was gifted to a neighbour who helped me set up a wi-fi extender in my apartment.


If you would like to commission a mini book for a loved one or a special occasion please contact me


Debbie xx

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