Dream Scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 10 page Dream scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 7 by 5 inches and is bound with a solid spine.

The main colour theme of this Dream album is olive green and peachy pink.


Unique features of Dream album:

1. Using genuine recycled lace and lacy cut edges
2. The 5 pocket pages each contain a large tag
3. Throughout I have used DoCrafts Floral Muse paper on a white page matt

Dream Cover

The cover of this unique album employs mixed media techniques to create a colourful, textural and dramatic statement, starting with a textured base card on which corrugated and die cuts add more tactile impact.

Dimensional hand painted and glittered letters are embellished with ribbon roses and pearl strings.

Dream Spine

The solid spine of this unique album retains the clean lines and simplistic colour pallette found throughout the album.

A single handmade peach rose is set on the string axis, from which hangs a single diamante earring.


The album is arranaged with facing pairs of pages mirroring each other in design yet retaining their uniqueness in embelishment.

Dream page 1

'Just for you'


The pocket page contains a large double sided photograph or journal matt with pearl embelishment

The lace edged half page pocket contains both a small photograph matt and journal tag.

Dream page 2

'Thinking of you'


The pair of facing pages contrast intricate with simpler paper designs in the pinky peach and neutral tones.

The use of manuscript and lined papers allows for a ready lined journal space.

There is more room to add additional photographs or ephemera to this album.

Dream page 3

'Thinking of you'


Floral muse paper pad has co-ordinating greetings.

This pair of  pages have an envelope pocket containing two matching cards, large and small.

Throughout the album butterflies carry the dream on delicate pink wings.

Dream page 4

'With love'


Each pocket page contains a full sized photomatt.

All these matts feature the same two papers back to back and a pearl.

Dream page 5

'With love'


The pocket front on this pair of pages is made with an intricate butterfly lattice over a pink background.
The pocket holds 3 atc cards (playing card sized).  The front of each is decorated with same patterned paper and the backs of each are different.

Dream page 6

'Handmade with love'


To add a splash of colour, a glittered butterfly has been cut from one of the other pages of the pad as a centre piece on the intricate pocket front.

Dream page 7

'Life is beautiful'


This pair of pages contrast the signature paper from the pad with the manuscript paper.
The clean white of the matts is enhanced with the cotton lace edging to the on page pocket which contains three atc cards each featuring a different pair of papers.

Dream page 8

'Thank you'


The larger greeting plates on this pair of pages are highly decorative with glittered butterflies.
A recycled pink button adds some dimensional interest.

Dream page 9

'Made with love'


A delicate laser cut cupcake wrapper forms a perfect arch to make a page pocket to hold the large matt and tag.

A journal spot has been created by using the frame from the greeting quotes.

Dream page 10

'Just for you'


The pink striped paper on the page background is echoed on the matt and tag papers tucked into the cupcake pocket, and is contrasted with the neutral polka-dot pocket front. 

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