Dream of Gerontius Scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 8 page Dream of Gerontius scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 4 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a Velcro buckled ribbon.

The main colour theme of this Dream of Gerontius album is burgandy and teal on a neutral background.


Unique features of Dream of Gerontius album:

1. Book and match flip pages and pocket construction
2. Tags and atcs in horizontal and vertical pockets
3. Using Dovecraft 'curiosity corner' papers throughout

Dream of Gerontius cover

This comission was inspired by the music of Elgar 'The dream of Gerontius' based on the poem by Cardinal John Newman.


The cover fearures a mix of statement paper and silk blooms clustered with pearls and a butterfly.

The recipients name is on the tag with the charm 'someone special'.

Dream of Gerontius spine


The solid spine on this album has been left neutral and decorated with a burgandy knit tassel, hand painted treble cleff and word charms with beads and metalic fibres.


Construction throughout the book maximises the space for photographs and journaling by folding, flipping and tucking to increase page size.

Dream of Gerontius page 1


The reverse book flap opend to reveal a matchbook flip up and vertical pocket containing an atc and a tag.


Throughout the tags have been left blank and the atcs feature decorative versions of the treble cleff.


Dream of Gerontius page 2


On the left of the page is a match book flip up for journaling and photographs.


On the right of the page is a book opening flap revealing a pocket conatining two atcs.

Dream of Gerontius page 3


The front of this trifold booklet has a pocket containing a shaped tag.


Inside the trifold is an additional pocket containing a bifold matchbook.


Wherever the page opens or fips are a cluster of gold musical notes.

Dream of Gerontius page 4


The front of this bifold booklet has a pocket with an atc and a print of the composer Elgar.

Other photographs can be tucked in or adhered to the spaces.


All the flaps are held closed magnetically.

Dream of Gerontius page 5


The shaped centre piece flips up and the symetrical arrnagement flips open to reveal additional space.


A tag tucks into the pockets at either side of the page.

[The shaped pocket mouths were cut using spellbinder labels 8 dies.]

Music Dream page 6


A small tag sits in a pocket on the front of the bookflap of this page.


The bookflap itself features a pocket with two atcs for journaling, and opens to reveal another pocket containing a tag.

Music Dream page 7


A small tag tucks into the shaped pocket on the front of the reverse book flap of this page which opens to reveal a tuck pocket containing two tags.


The tags are looped in assorted fibres which give texture and additional colour to the album.

Music Dream page 8


This is a bi bookfold flip out page.


The leftmost flap opens to reveal journal space.


The centre flap is also a pocket containing an atc and flips out to reveal space for a photograph or journaing.


Thank you for looking.
This album supported the 2016 christmas shoebox appeal of the Society of St James.


If you would like to commission a mini book for a loved one or a special occasion please contact me


Debbie xx

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