Bling Birds Scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 8 page Bling Bird scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 6 by 6 inches and is bound with a solid spine and held closed by a magnetic closure.

The main colour theme of this Bling Bird album is dusky pink and pistachio on a black background.


Unique features of Bling Bird:

1. Using feathers and gems
2. A bird on each page
3. The 5 pocket pages each contain at least one large tag

Bling Birds cover


The cover of this album features a glitter stencilled bird and floral motif.


Real feathers and gem stones have been used to bling up the bird.

Bling Birds spine


The solid spine of this album continues the stencil design from the cover.


A neutral script paper forms the background.

Bling Birds page 1

'One big happy family'


The horizontal half page tuck pocket on this page is decorated with a teal bling bird and her nest of pearl eggs.


Three tags provide journaling opportunities.

Bling Birds page 2

'Use your wings'


This vertical tuck pocket has been edged with delicate scroll work to compliment the pink bling bird.


The large photo matt in the page pocket has a chain and feather charm through the eyelet.

Two atcs provide additional photograph or journaling space.

Bling Birds page 3



A large doily features on this page to provide plenty of journaling space to tell the story of the event being comemorated.


A more private narrative can be inlcuded on the tag behind the doily.

A multicoloured bling bird adorns this page.

Bling Birds page 4

'You are my happiness'


This page features a double layered pocket containing two atcs and one tag.

Texture is provided throughout the album by art fibres.


A black bling bird features on this page.

Bling Birds page 5

'Embrace the journey'


A tri fold booklet features onthis promailry journaing page.

The booklet is held closed by a bow.

Bling Birds page 6

'Start each day with a greatful heart'


A foiled heart adorns the front of this horizontal tuck pocket which contains two pink tags held together with a chain and rose quartz charms and a single, larger decorative tag.


The photomatt in the page pocket also has a rose quartz charm from its eyelet.

Bling Birds page 7

'Be happy, be yourself'


The decorative edge bifold booklet on this page tucks into a belly band.


The frame on the cover of the booklet can accomodate your own photograph.

Bling Birds page 8

'Just because'


This page features a stricking set of black decorative motifs.

You can add a circular photograph to the centre of this page.

Behind the doily is a pocket holding one larger atc with decorative corner motifs.

The bling bird on this page is black and crystal.

Bling Birds page 9

'Be you, bravely'


This page features three tag drawers, two tags and a larger square photomatt.


The fronts of the darwers have been decorated and have glittered handles.

Bling Birds page 10

'Wishing you all you're wishing for'


This page features a triangular tuck pocket containing two coordinating atcs and a tag.

The mint bling bird on this page also has a small handmade paper bloom.


The photomat inside the page pcoket has a fibre and heart bead charms throught the eyelet.

Bling Birds page 11

'Its about the story'


This half page horizontal tuck pocket contains a large photomatt with decorative golden corners.

There is plently of room for more photographs or memoribilia in the pocket which features a white and pearl bling bird.

Bling Birds page 12



This final page features a small pocket with a bookmark tag.


The golden key motif hints at the fold out section with more space for journaling.


On the inside of the warpround cover is a feather and bead charm and a bird motif.

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