Beach Scrapbook journal photo mini album

This 12 page Deluxe Beach scrapbook journal photo mini album measures 8 by 8 inches and is bound with a solid spine.
The main colour theme of this beach album is teal, blue and sand.
Unique features of Beach:
1. Using genuine sand and shells with sequins and microbeads
2. Tags and atcs in horizontal and vertical pockets
3. Full sized pocket pages
4. Using Blue Fern 'Seaside Cottage' scrapbook pages throughout

Beach Cover

Featuring real sand and seashells edged with gold, in a mixed media composition.

Scrap layers add interest.


The frame has been left blank with a template for your own photograph.


Sequins, beads and microbeads add a touch of elegance to this tactile cover.

Beach Spine


Soft fibres and lace dangle down this solid spine.


A removable charm on crab claw clasp features real shells and beads on chains.

Beach page 1

This torn edge page is a full sized pocket for your memorabilia.


An A6 envelope features a photo matt fro you photograph and contains a tag finished with shell and pearl.


Behind the envelope is a hidden pocket containing additional photo matts with shell and floral embellishments.

Beach page 2


This pocket page features a large photo matt with a hidden pocket behind containing 6x6 inch photo matt or journal paper and a tag finished with soft fibres and shell.

Beach page 3


This pocket page features a half page fold out to reveal a large area for your photographs and journaling.


On the flap is a tissue bag containing tags and featuring a shaped photo matt edged with genuine lace.


A decorative recycled jewellery shell embellishes the page.

Beach page 4


This pocket page features a half page horizontal pocket for your photographs and memorabilia, containing a butterfly embellished envelope, 2 fibre looped tags, one featuring recycled star fish jewellery charm.


Document tags and atcs are also inlcuded.

A smaller pocket features a document tag.

Beach page 5


This pocket page has a layered background for interest, and features a large photo matt pocket containing folded journal paper.


An additional decorative photo matt features a large paper flower and tangled embroidery thread.

Beach page 6


This pocket page has a layered fold up flap featuring a photo matt.


Beneath is a tag shaped pocket containing atc journal cards and document tags.


The page is embellished with real shells and beach sand, and soft fibres.

Beach page 7


There is lots to explore on this pocket page.

The tissue bag contains a shell decorated tag, under which are tucked 3 embellished atc journal cards.


The picture element folds up to reveal more journaling space.

Beach page 8


There is plenty of journal space on this pocket page which features a tissue bag containing atcs, behind which are tucked two tags.


Embellishments include a word zip tag, pearls and paper flower.

Beach page 9


This pocket page features a half page fold out to reveal a large area for you to tuck your photographs.


The flap, with magnetic closure has a pocket with atcs and document tags.


A string of shell shaped pearls, paper flower and tangled embroidery thread embellish the page.

Beach page 10


This pocket page features an envelope for your memorabilia containing 2 large photo matts.

Another photo matts are tucked under the envelope in a secret pocket.


The page is embellished with a mermaid scale gem in a filigree frame, paper flower and soft fibres.

Beach page 11


This pocket page has a horizontal half page pocket containing a large starfish embellished photo matt and several small atcs and postcard journaling cards.


The pocket is embellished with beach sand and shells

Beach page 12


This fold out page features a journal pocket containing photo matt.


The flap features a photo matt and pocket for memorabilia and is held closed with a wound charm tassel.


A cluster of paper flowers embellish the page.

Thank you for looking.
This album is reserved for a wedding gift.


If you would like to commission a mini book for a loved one or a special occasion please contact me


Debbie xx

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