Mini album pricing

Prices depend on the size and number of pages:

Jan2017 4x4 inches 4x6 inches 6x6 inches

basic price (per side)

£ 2.00 £ 2.25 £ 2.50
cover plus 4 sides £ 10.00 £ 11.25 £ 12.50
cover plus 6 sides £ 14.00 £ 15.75 £ 17.50
cover plus 8 sides £ 18.00 £ 20.25 £ 22.50
cover plus 10 sides £ 22.00 £ 24.75 £ 27.50
Jan2017 deluxe album pricing 7x5 inches 8x6 inches
Basic price (per side) £3.00 £3.50
Cover plus 4 sides £15.00 £17.50
Cover plus 6 sides £21.00 £24.50
Cover plus 8 sides £27.00 £31.50
Cover plus 10 sides £33.00 £38.50
Cover plus 12 sides £39.00 £45.50


A 50% deposit is requested to reserve commissioned orders.

The payment can be made through PayPal/me, i will send you an invoice by email.

Balance plus postage will be due when the order is ready to dispatch.



Your mini album will be wrapped in acid free tissue and packed for protection in a box made from recycled card. 

The box will then be packed inside another to protect the unique gift inside.


Gift box:

If you want a gift box for the book please add to your enquiry.

These is a standing charge of £2.00 for a gift box regardless of the book size.



Postage rates from the UK will be those listed on Royal Mail website and will depend where the destination is.

Online prices are available for postage purchased through Royal Mail Click & Drop, Royal Mail Online Postage and partner online channels (eBay Online Postage, Amazon and PayPal) 



A typical mini album weighs about 600g, 700g with packaging.

When the album is finished, and the balance is due, I will let you know how much it weighs and what the postage is.

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