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If you didn't click this page by accident let me introduce the team:


Imagination, Construction and embellishment


I am full time employed and full time carer for my disabled husband. (spinal injury and unsuccessful corrective surgery)

I spend my 'me time' producing craft projects which offer me the chance to create beautiful items which give you as much pleasure in receiving them as it did me in making them.


I like to take a simple idea, turn it on its head, roll it over a bit, hang it upside down and finally mould it into something unique.

I love word play and iconography, I call it 'looking beyond the obvious'.

My projects always contain some lovely personal features for you to find.


I love a challenge and would love to make a unique one of a kind project for you.



Tea, cake and Quality Control


I provide the tea and cake that keeps the projects flowing.


When we thought my disability was only temporary Debbie introduced me to die cutting and paper flower making.

I have carried on this role as the projects continue.

I am now in charge of quality control, no project passes me if there is so much as a blob of glue or a line 1mm out of parallel.

With me providing tea and cake you are guaranteed a project full of imagination, and as quality control you can be confident that the project you receive is finished to the highest standards.



Cuteness, Cuddles and company


I provide company during the day whilst Debbie is at work. It allows Frog to talk away without seeming as if he is talking to himself.

I love having my belly and chin rubbed and can look so cute in kitty nirvana on the comfy chair in the art room or in front of a warm radiator.


I am sure my role in this team is equally as important to those with thumbs.

If you have any chicken I can quality control that too: cat scan anyone?

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