Designing for craftbox

I am honoured to have been chosen for the Craftbox design team 2018. 


Here are the projects created for Craftbox design team.

16 April 2018


Mounted on recycled packaging using mixed media techniques in beautiful pastel tones.

Mum stage 1


laying out all the pieces to see where they fit, where to cut and where to overlap.

A butterfly and Floral petals were cut, as well as the snipart.


A layer of gesso prepares the surface for tones and colour and thickly applied cracklepaste.

Mum stage 2


Adding colour with spray paints, here Tim Holtz Vintage photo.  They will run into the cracks of the crackle paste enhancing it.  Ink shadows and dry brush white acrylic add highlights and shadows.

Drops of black ink and stamped script begin to add interest.

Mum stage 3


Gilding wax highlights on the frame and raised parts of the filigree sparkle in the evening sunlight.


Glitter is added to the recesses in the butterfly wing, local acrylic paint colour on the flowers and snipart, keeping to muted tones.

Mum finished project


Art stones, dew drops, microbeads and glitter add the finishing touches to the mixed media crackle, shading and highlight techniques on this 7x5 inch project.

Ready for the close ups?

I used a mix of full and half filigrees.

Gold finishing wax adds sheen to the frame and highlights the decorative detail.

Using glossy accents in the recesses of the half Filigree butterfly I sprinkled various colours of ultra fine glitter.

Inside the frame I used wooden alphabet.
A tiny script stamp adds another layer of interest.

To visually soften the harder frame and metal embellishments I added paper florals in delicate shades of pink.

08 April 2018

Coffee and conversation journal cover

Mounted on that beautiful newsprint sheet, rice paper element and tag from the Ciao Bella Buongiorno Italiano collection form the background for a few mixed media elements: Snip art, hardware and florals.

Stage1 – the background:
The background was inspired by the Buongiorno italiano - News del mattino paper and made excellent use of the scraps of the newsprint paper covering the journal.

I use different glues for different purposes, for paper to paper I find regular PVA affordable. The PVA strengthens the base for later wet media work.

Stage 2 – rice paper
I roughly tore around the outside of Rice Paper - Buongiorno italiano - Espresso ephemera card and applied  layer of mod podge to the newspaper to position the element on the page.


Further touch ups of mod podge over the surface ensure that the layer is firmly adhered and sealed.

Stage 3 – coffee stains
I have a lovely collection of various sized aerosol lids and other circles which I can use to make coffee cup rings on any project in any medium.

Here I chose to use Tim Holtz Tea dye to make coffee stains as I don’t drink coffee, ironic I know.
I allowed the rings to overlap each other and join several elements together.

Stage 4 Wooden elements
The layout features repurposed wooden coffee stirrers, wooden letters and snipart frame.

For the coffee stirrers I used Beacon 3 in 1 glue, for the letters and snip art I used glossy accents.

I left the coffee stirers and snipart frame au naturelle.  The letters had a thin coat of white gesso to highlight them.

Stage 5 – Metal elements
The silver hardware corners were not in keeping with the colour scheme, but I didn’t have the brass ones available so I used finishing wax to recolour the silver ones, the effect is more subtle than ones actually cut from a brass.

I use beacon 3 in 1 to adhere and those lovely coloured clothes pegs from the monthly craft box to held them tight until the glue sets.

The floral metal embellishment was highlighted with brushstrokes of white gesso primer, and ombre beads adhered in the centre using glossy accents.

To see all my ombre beads at once I tip them out into the ring of an empty tape roll.
Of course, if you put tissue or paper underneath you can tip them back in their little tin easier than using a teaspoon at a time.  Note to self for next time :-0

To give the effect of sugar on this beautiful little spoon from one of our craftboxes I squirted a little glossy accents and dipped into a tub of small art stones, a little more glossy accent  and some white glitter finishes the effect and ensures less loss.

Stage 6 - florals
I used diluted colour sprays to get the greenish purple colour I wanted for the florals. I was looking to match the colour of the purchased paper flowers being used throughout the journal inside. 
I use ironing water as it seems to stop hand dyed items getting a mouldy smell after a while.

The finished layout. 


Sometimes a really good quality paper does most of the work for you, and a few well placed embellishments are all that are needed to complete the story and stretch your valuable supplies further.

Scrapbooking Paper - Buongorno Italiano is one of those papers, with additional rice papers and plenty of cards and cut out elements to work with.


See the whole Coffee and conversation journal album made using Ciao Bella Buongorno Italiano scrapbooking papers.

Items used:

Newsprint paper

Linen effect basil basics cardstock - coffee and cream

Ciao Bella paper pad - Buongiorno Italiano

Ciao Bella Rice paper - Buongiorno Italiano

Hardware Collection - Filigree Flowers

Hardware Collection - Silver Corner Filigree

Snipart Retro frame # 2

Itsy Bitsy 2 - Glitter Sparkles

Ombre Art Pearls - Ice Queen

Craft Box Glitters - Chameleon Violet Blue

Coffee stirrers

Petaloo velvet flowers and paper florals from my stash

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