Craft Palace and Aspergers

Where the magic happens.


Its a palace of peace and creativity.

Light and imagination.

It also meets many of the sensory needs of my Aspergers.

My craft place has extra height and a very large arched window letting in plenty of natural daylight.


Perfect for colour work, photography and beautifully warm when the sun is out.


"Lighting. Fluorescent or harsh lighting can hurt the eyes of an autistic person". I can see these types of lights flickering and hear them hum, this can be distressing.

In the craft palace I have natural daylight blue bulbs, one main light, two wall lights and a desk lamp, but I prefer to be in the room during natural daylight.  It is calming and soothing somehow.

In this room it floods in enveloping the room in a calming aura.

Aspergers and sound:

"A significant number of people with Asperger's Syndrome have been perceived to display an over-sensitivity sensory stimuli. This includes all, or a combination of: touch, taste, smell, sound, sight and movement" []


The craft palace is silent except for the birds who nest in the apex above the roof and the traffic going by constantly, but I have trained my mind to hear the sound of the tyres on tarmac as waves rolling onto the beach.

I am on call all the time, but in here there is no TV, no sounds of another human and the cat is quiet enough that I let him stay.

Behind the door I keep all those odd bits such as empty cereal packets which will be mailing boxes, drawers of buttons and spray paints displayed on an antique pine bookshelf.


The drawer unit is the perfect height for guillotining though I would prefer it backed by more shelving.


You can’t have too many shelves and drawers in a craft room.


Everything here has its place, Classified by type just like a Taxonomy.  Organised by colour, by size.

Sorted and resorted when new item arrive that either fit the current classification or demand a new one.

Keeping everything convenient


Kept to hand in the metal filing drawers under the work table are all the useful glues and stamps I use often, on the table all the brushes, colours, cutting equipment and small tools.



You can’t do paper crafts without paper.

I have 18 drawers full of loose paper, organised by colour.

I keep every scrap over an inch square because you never know when you may need a little bit of paper.

On top of those drawers I keep the A3 paper and the plain coloured 12x12 paper, nice and flat.


Pads of patterned and plain paper are kept in the cupboard or in the bookshelf. I tend to only buy paper from quality manufacturers, especially as they are often very detailed so there is plenty to occupy the eye.


The metal office drawers contain all my tools for cutting; punching and all my dies, various circle cutters et al.

Colour palette

The distress ink pads are kept to hand on the work table.


All my colours, whether inks, or spray or paint are organised by Hue (colour family) with the dark shades above running down to the light tints (or left to right in a drawer).

With each new arrival a colour test is made on both black and white card.

Behind me in an old school cupboard are the embelishment drawers:

  • Paper flowers arranged by colour
  • metal and wood embelishments
  • old costume jewellery
  • favourite beads
  • guilding flakes
  • glitter and mica powders
  • butterflies
  • gems
  • alphabet letters
  • 12x12 paper pads

you name it, its in here, ready to be stuck on a project and altered or just admired for its beauty

Pretty boxes

I have the stacking set of 3 very pretty boxes to contain my ribbon, lace and fibres.

They are full to the brim each one, mostly because I love looking at the intricate lace designs and stroking the fibre lengths, delighting in the variety of colours and texture to choose from to add interest to my projects, tinged with the reluctance to use them because they are so precious.


My treasures


These boxes meet my need for controlled tactile stimulus.

The box of fibres especially, run gently through my fingers they can calm my anxious mind. The fibre colours are all muted.  Choosing a suitable one for a project can take time because I have to unwind the carefully wound bundle of mixed colours, lay it across my knee and stroke them to decide which sensation I am adding to the journal.

All my fibres came from Etsy shop FishBay Elements, and are kept to her beautiful colour schemes.

A tactile paradiso.

My Sparkle

I would like to say I use broken and recycled sparkly jewellery on many projects, but actually I don't.  I have several compartmentalised boxes of broken jewellery from Claire Accessories, they gems capture the light and fulfil my need for sparkle, but as to adding them to a project...

All I need now is an excuse to start cutting, spraying, tearing and gluing to make another unique gift for someone.


If you would like to commission a project for a loved one or a special occasion please contact me



Debbie xx

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