Steampunk Goggles

Take two ordinary paper drinks cups, recycled is okay, infact ethically its much better.

Add a few drops of imagination and stir with some crafting skill, several litres of glue and beautiful paints and filigree decor.



Steampunk Goggles...

Cut the cups on an angle and remove the bottoms, replace with acetate.

Enhance one lens with glass art pebble.

Make a handful of faux screw heads.


The eye cups are finished in faux mahogany browns with shimmer, and brass wax metalique.


The finished project is mounted on a transparent head band and given ribbon side arms.

The left lens has an extending viewer with blue glass magnifier and is decorated with swirls and flourishes, cogs, ratchets and chain.


The magnifier rotates away from the lens.

The right lens features a large glass art pebble magnifier built into the lens.

The lens cups have been mounted on a clear alice band so they can be worn at a jaunty angle on the head or used as actual goggles.

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