Mixed media altered paintbrush

Take one ordinary 4inch decorators paintbrush and attend a Finnabair workshop.

Add a healthy dose of imagination.

Stir in some art alchemy patina pastes

Sprinkle on some metal embellishments


Dads decorators paintbrush


This project was created after watching the technique video:

Finnabair Patina Effect paste


The brush was liberally decorated with metal embellishments, gears and cogs, buttons and twisted rope lace.


Because of the multiple materials in use the brush was coated with black gesso primer.


Using both the texture pastes in the Finnabair art alchemy patina effect set to get a lovely blue green colour all over the brush.


The final coat of brass paste was enhanced with waxes on the raised part of the design to add variety of colour and bring out the detail.

Let me tell you a funny story, about an older gentleman, B&Q home store and a patio garden chair...


Unfortunately one of the chairs in the patio garden set purchased earlier in the summer broke.

The wise old man decided he would return to B&Q and replace it whilst it was still in current stock.

B&Q home store is a busy place, so the man, being both older and wiser, sat on the chair whilst waiting in the queue to pay for it.

A store assistant was a little perplexed by this, and asked if he was okay and was he intending to buy the chair.

The older wiser man said "No, i just knew I would have to queue for a long time so I got the chair to sit on whilst I wait"


I love this old wise mans sense of very dry humour, so I had to include the chair on this altered brush project.

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