The Box of Odd things

The box of odd things began life as a simple A4 box file, and a need to transport all that important stationery between hot desks and your locker.


It needed to be functional and decorative.

The major design began with ensuring I could get a mug and a box of Earl Grey tea bags in the layout, and the odd bit of stationery!

After that, the need to carry round daily inspiration such as photographs of my husband and all the other ephemera that people used to keep on their desks or in their drawer inspired the design of the stationery box of odd things.
I wanted as much texture and interest as I could get on the lid, with the photograph behind an acetate window to protect it.
The knob is a decorative bead attached with a screw (the head of which is hidden behind the pink flower on the inside of the lid)
I designed the box around the most important item, my Earl Grey Tea bags and cup. 

The inside dividers are of balsa wood, easy to cut and light weight. 


I lined the inside with striped papers and then sprinkled paper buttons and other elements around to add interest.

The inside of the lid has a photograph and a calendar.


I put a lot of texture in here.


The scrunched flowers are handmade by punching out the flower shapes, misting with mica spray and then screwing up tightly and opening out loosely whilst wet.

Front edge

I made sure every detail was attended to, including lining the hole in the front of the box. Texture paste and decoupage add dimension, with bronze gilding wax adding the bling.
I found the key hole plate in the craft shop and just had to have it to use on a project that was just mine.

I tried to ensure that both sides used similar elements, including swirls, manuscript paper and image.  


On this side, the heart is a coloured and glittered wooden shape.

Stamping, rub on swirls and recycled manuscript paper add interest to the side with the recycled rope handle.


I found two matching images both facing the opposite ways so I could use one either side.


Two newsprint hearts were added.

Back edge

I wanted this to describe both me and the box.  To make the lettering even more unique I used 3 instead of E.

I loved the peel off glitter butterfly, leather textured tag and white silk flowers.

I feel really proud to be carrying the box through the office.

Thank you for looking.



If you would like to commission a keepsake box for a loved one or a special occasion please

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Debbie xx

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